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shine like a diamond

shine like a diamond

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This is my favourite scene in The Little Mermaid; the ambition is heavy in Ariel’s eyes, and it’s nearly invincible - even if just for this moment. It’s very inspiring to see this girl, filled with naivete and wild curiosity, have so much passion and belief in herself. It’s somewhat complicated though, because her optimism is so powerful that it can very well be a realism: so how could this, what appears to be liberation from the general notion of what is right and what is wrong and what is realistic and what is not, quite possibly be labeled as ‘naive’? I can see how this could be considered silly, but the mind starts off with all of this imagination that could easily be tainted by mere words or the idea that growing up means moving on from that and shame on you if you don’t grow up. But I think this intellect, which is unique within each individual, is truly what separates us from other organisms.

I still try to hold on to this childish mind. I fear losing it, because it’s what sparks my interest in acting and photography and painting and writing and art. I think to lose that (or “grow up” from it, is what it’s more commonly referred to) is to lose a huge part of myself that’s been with me from the very beginning.

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